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Art of Sushi

Art of Sushi project that is an art project inspired by the new play entitled tokyo fish story by Kimber Lee produced at South Coast Repertory. Featuring four works entitled "Sushi Rolls". I show how the works were created as they were in part a learning project on the techniques of acrylic skins and sculptural impasto.

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Essay: Datura

Video games are the new media of the 21st century and have recently become accepted as art. Now designers are looking on how to express their new mediums in new ways. Meditations on death and the afterlife are the premise of Datura a game developed by Plastic entertainment. This work will be reviewed and examined from its interactive elements to it's hidden meanings. Coming March 31.

Understanding Synth

In this artitcle I will dissus the musical synthesizers and why designers and artist should want to learn or understound how synths work, how they can make an artist and designer think differently about a problem or expresseion and we will make some great sounds! This article will appear on April 30.